Plasco Building

Proposal 2017



In the name of God the architect
When I saw the reproduction invitation of Pelasco, I began to think about that which plan can be a suitable substitute of Pelasco building.
The Pelasco which a great many people has remembrance with it, and it can be said, the people of that period of ten days grown up with it, and it was an important building for architectural community, because it had a high value as the first modern high-rise building!
I started to make a schemes, variety substitutes and scale model, so knot idea occurred to my mind,
The knot that people made it for Pelasco and it was a cause of that disaster for Iran



Form formation process

front view

Knot Idea

The knot project starts from the bottom of the building with entangled blocks, make a symbol of knot as if the building is falling while it’s fixed.
The Knot has self-organizing and people can walk on it and also they can be in that place, a falling building which can design blocks mechanically, so by move back and front it shows the sense of the pelasco’s collapse.
A quiet space create in the upstairs that keep the remembrance of dear firefighter martyrs alive, by full and empty places and creating green spaces in the building body, it creates a sensation such as paradise as if the firefighter martyrs built their paradise there. And this plan shows that they will always remain alive for Iranian people


General idea

A symbol of the knot, tension and the courage of firefighters that depict paradise for themselves has been created


view 1



view 2


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