University of Meybod Yazd

Proposal 2013


When the faade name of a university comes up, we think of it that traffic is being under control and this is obvious imperative.
But the most important thing that’s this faade where will be built, which city, modern city or traditional one.



Meybod city is the history source that it’s included a lot of traditional constructions that despite them how good it would be the faade of university that a lot of people from around the country are going to study there be a design from history and heart of this old city




site plan


section & Front view

It’s been trying in this project that history and traditional constructions of this city are inspired. A sturdy building like a fortress but also with a certain inner subtlety. The faade of university building can be a building that will reveal the identity of the city to people from all over the country, a city like ancient Meybod

Access routes

Form formation process


Thank you 🙂